The Impact of Cryptosystems on Toronto Casino Operators


The impact of cryptosystems on Toronto casinos is well discussed in the professional gambling community and among gambling researchers. Many industry experts opine that in the near future, the biggest players in the online blackjack and video poker markets will be the Canadian operators. In the last two years alone Canadian casinos have attracted some of the biggest online poker tournaments and winners including the World Series Of Poker and the World Series Of Online Blackjack. While many of the American operators are currently experiencing similar growth trends, some experts believe that in the next two to five years all the top online blackjack players in the world will be from Canada.

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The main concern for the Canadian online casino operators is whether the new online casinos will be subject to the same standards as the older existing sites are. In the U.S., the top online casinos are regulated by the Department of Justice. This includes licensed online casinos which operate according to the minimum standards set forth by the U.S. based online gambling laws and regulations. While the Canadian government has not formally stated a position on the matter, most gambling experts believe that it will follow a similar policy.

The Canadian government is also concerned about the impact of cryptosystems on online sports betting. The Canadian government views sports betting as a private activity between individuals and is not subject to the regulatory policies of other countries. However, most of the current Online Casinos in Canada are either partially or fully licensed by the Canadian government and operated according to local laws. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Canadian operators will be subjected to the same policies applied to online casinos in other countries. The only difference could be in the level of taxation some operators would be required to pay in order to be recognized as legal operators in Canada.


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